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Attention to detail, skill, experience, knowledge of print and web production, multiple platforms and programs, and fonts.

What sets us apart from many other translation companies is that we speak graphics, specifically, multilingual graphics. We work in all major languages, with typography that goes up-and-down, right-to-left, left-to-right and backward, cross-platform, and in a myriad of programs. We not only ensure that our translators are the best and most qualified, but we have a thorough knowledge of the graphics industry, as it pertains to design, typography, pagination, and print reproduction.

Offset Printing Machine
  • We have decades of experience with in-language typography in all languages

  • We have vast font libraries

  • We have all state-of-the-art page layout programs

  • We extract for translation and reflow text expertly into your existing files

When performing DTP, we are careful to respect the grammar and punctuation rules associated with each language (instead of making a language look precisely like English).


We review source graphics to make sure they are culturally appropriate for the target audience. We also provide many post-production related services, including complex print management and media placement.


We have produced the California International Visitor Guides for nine nations, working in tandem with Sunset Custom Publishing of Menlo Park, CA.


We localized all ads and editorials, created press-ready files for upload to domestic and foreign presses. We managed teams of translators, proofreaders, and editors for these magazine-style publications. We delivered those without error under tight deadlines.

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