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Navigating and empowering diverse groups with confidence and ease while maintaining focus and defining purpose, planning, preparation, leadership, inclusiveness, respect, impartiality, observation, listening, recording, questioning, execution, and reporting conclusions.

Facilitation is the art of moving a group of people through meetings, focus groups, planning sessions, or trainings, and successfully achieving a specific goal; it is essentially the art of managing groups. We offer full-service in-language facilitation and also provide other facilitation companies with our experienced in-language talent and teams.

  • Working with you and your goals to provide the development, architecture, design, and preparation for your audience's discussions in engaging ways.

  • Providing focused conversation with structured, guided conversations that are designed with attention to multiple learning styles.

  • Assisting in setting up learning environments for ease and full attendee participation: including visual aids and refreshments. 

  • Our designed focused conversations work with In-language focus groups, town halls, and trainings.

  • Our in-language facilitators and interpreters adopt the structured conversations to be culturally appropriate.

  •  We train our in-language facilitation teams in advance of events.

  • Our teams, translators, and note-takers are available to expand the services of other professional research firms.

Richard Sam facilitating in Chinese 2019

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